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Our Lasers at Precise

**We also own our Nitrogen cryogenic trifecta system to give uninterrupted clean cutting on all your parts.

 Precise leads the industry in productivity, efficiency, and high quality results. Characterized by speed and reliable processes, diverse ,automation solutions and intelligent functions guarantee excellent results for our customers. With the ability to cut up to 1-1/2" thick carbon, our production limits are endless.

ByStar Fiber_12kW_01_Press_19471_edited.
ByStar Fiber_12kW_01_Press_19471_edited.

Our latest edition here at Precise which gives us 3 top-tier lasers to cut your parts quickly and accurately.  Its ease-of-use allows our operators to start production without any downtime, ensuring you meet or exceed your deadlines.

Precise's brand new 12kW 3G Fiber Laser!! First installed in the U.S. of its kind!


This laser will help us service our customer's laser cutting needs at an even FASTER rate!  The laser programming will also provide a seamless transition to our 5 new Xpert Brakes for forming projects that need extreme speed and accuracy.

DNE Laser_edited.png
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